Obicà Mozzarella Bar Saint Paul’s, Review

It shouldn’t take much to get any self-respecting gourmand on board with the idea of a cheese bar, but I will try. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP is a ‘slow food’, traditionally produced in four stages: milking, curdling, kneading and ‘mozzatura’- shaping by hand. While much of the mozzarella bought in supermarkets is made with cow’s milk, the artisan dairies supplying Obicà provide only the freshest, creamy milk of the water buffalo. Flown in directly after packaging, it takes under 48 hours to go from the sunny pastures of Southern Italy to your plate. They serve three varieties: ‘Delicate’, subtle and sweet; ‘Intense’, firm and smooth; ‘Smoked’, with rich flavouring brought out naturally over straw embers. Convinced?

If the Burrata with black truffle and a small plate of prosciutto doesn’t tempt you, the pizzas surely will. We shared the ‘Nuja e Burrata, with spicy sausage spread and organic tomato. The tangy, finely chopped meat and generous creamy splodges on thin, crunchy crust were delicious, though the homemade spinach lasagne with grassfed beef ragu rivalled it. With a menu encompassing a wide selection of antipasti, salads, pizza, pasta, meat and fish, the latest branch of Obicà in Saint Paul’s has something for everyone (save vegans). A bright, high ceilinged outfit, it is all open-planned with a copper pizza oven, deli and modern wine bar encased by metal grating. There is even a terrace on the sunny side of the pavement for warm summer evenings to come.

Relaxed and friendly, Obicà is perfect for a (non-intimidatingly-romantic) date, or for a large group of friends to order an array of Neapolitan delicacies to share. Start with a classic Italian cocktail such as the Americano or a sweet Era Ora martini and finish with springy panna cotta with amaretto and semifreddo with salted caramel brittle. Buon Appetito!

Originally published for Eclectic Magazine online.