Sweet Lovers Paradise at Cutter and Squidge London, Review

When you catch sight of the brightly coloured and prettily decorated ‘Dream Cakes’ through the window, you are likely to be lured in from the streets of Soho to further investigate Cutter and Squidge. Once inside the light and airy café, you will be tempted to demolish an entire row of the signature ‘Biskies’, biscuit sandwiches filled with generous dollops of buttercream and garnished with extravagant toppings. Then you will be distracted by the towering ice cream sundaes on display and completely lose your mind, in a state of ravenous confusion.

Luckily, the new Afternoon Tea offers a very generous assortment of this all- natural baked goodness for £24.50. Served in three layered bamboo steamers, the first is filled with mini sandwiches and scones, the second with a Biskie, Dream Cake slice and mousse, the third with sweet treats ranging from cookies, caramel brownie bites, and a fluffy marshmallow to cake truffle. It is charmingly presented and comes served with a little pot of their homemade soft ice cream, tea and a glass of Oomph-ade, a fruit infusion specialty. We were unable to finish it all, instead having a bite of everything in a taster feast of flavours. When vanilla ice cream is your palette cleanser, you know you are in for an indulgent afternoon!

Though not for the faint of heart (nor savoury tastebuds), the selection of old favourites with more daring combinations makes Cutter and Squidge perfect for a post-shopping sugar rush with friends. The smoked cheese scones with red pepper salsa and cream cheese were a highlight, as was the chocolate mousse and fluffy passion fruit cake. A pistachio, raspberry and rose Biskie was like a homemade, English take on Ladurée and the tea lattes- we tried one with matcha, one with earl grey- were a refreshing cut through the sweetness. If you are suicidal and diabetic, this is the place to go out with a bang. 

Originally published at Eclectic Magazine online.