The Catfish. Swift and deadly predators in water, when removed from their natural habitat and kept in the home, they make ideal companions. They are more easily caught and subdued for petting than their four-legged counterparts and their feisty spirit is dampened by an existential torment, suspecting that they are being mocked by the Gods. A warning, however- if they find their way into your bathtub, be prepared to meet a grisly end. hybrid1

The Birdog. Convivial and loving, this flying, semi-domesticated gremlin will both delight you and exhaust your patience with his mischievous ways. GPS tracking chips, as well as superb aim with a tranquilliser gun and accurate scooping abilities with a net to catch his tumbling, sedated body are recommended if you wish him to live a long injury free life.


If you live in the countryside, The Duckboar is a strangely charming sight wandering around your lawn and is a cheaper, equally effective alternative to a guard dog. The pitbull of tusked poultry, they are liable to suddenly turn on even long-time owners. Not recommended for those with young children.


The Batquirrel. This nocturnal, fiercely ugly creature is both captivating and repulsive to the unprepared eye. Difficult to care for, unless you are prepared to keep a fridge fully stocked with tropical larvae and have holes drilled into your walls with his long middle finger in his futile search for insects should you miss a meal.


Isn't nature weird and wonderful?