Lady Margaret Thatcher, the longest-serving PM of the 20th century and only woman to have held this office, will be afforded a ceremonial Funeral tomorrow in London. thatcher1

'Margaret Thatcher, Milk Snatcher' will be given the same rights as the Queen Mother and Princess Diana.


Inspirer both of rabid fury and trilling obsequiousness, she remains one of the most contentious figures in British politics.


Thatcherism has permanently transformed the face of British politics, for better or worse. Whatever your personal feelings about her policies, she was a remarkable woman. Articles such as Russell Brand's recent piece in the Guardian, 'I always felt sorry for her children' are depressingly reductive and sexist. When Putin dies, will Russian television personalities publicly declare their pity for his poor, neglected spawn?


Women will never be in a position to wield power effectively if we as a society do not divorce ourselves from the tired archetypes that are limiting us as multi-faceted human beings. They leave us with all the emotional depth and complexity of a Tarot Card. It can seem as if the only way to diverge from the 'Maiden, Mother, Crone' lifecycle is by way of 'Whore' or 'Feminazi'. Thatcher carved herself a new identity as 'The Iron Lady' but lost her humanity in the eyes of the public in the process.

I would say RIP, but I think she might find that rather dull. Rest In Invigorating Conflict, Maggie!