FOR LOVERS... (of booze)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Are you happy and in love? (Or just happy, or just in love. It can be hard to be both at the same time.) Are you sad and alone? (An unfair and untrue stereotype.) It doesn't matter, because alcohol is the great equiliser! Allowing us all to forget that the universal mother is the common grave (Lucretius).

Take a delicious cocktail in Paris and glory in the shimmering transience of pleasure!       


Try L'Hotel for a sophisticated ambiance in the stunning, historic building where Oscar Wilde spent his final days. If you're lucky, there might be someone playing jazz on the piano...

L'Hotel, 13 Rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006.


Buzz the unmarked door to descend, like Orpheus, into the underworld. If the underworld was a formerly homosexual club that Jean Cocteau would frequent with his lover Jean Marais.

L'Orphée, 7 Rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009.



Candelaria may look like a taco bar, but walk to the back, find the subtle white door and discover a hidden cocktail lounge with excellent date lighting (dim, baby, dim) and delicious tequila. 

Candelaria, 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003


Jefrey's has a gentleman's club atmosphere and an excellent range of spirits. Lounge with your lover with a whiskey on leather sofas and pretend to be Bogart and Bacall. 

Jefrey's, 14 rue Saint-Sauveur 75002


God, what faces. My wish for you today is that someone looks at you like that... Happy V Day!

Gros Bisous,