The Fringe!

So... I've been keeping this news on the d-low because I am terrified. However, the tickets have been on sale for a week now and I can't continue to ignore what I've done.

I am putting on a one-woman comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe! OMFG. Yes, I am clearly a glutton for humiliation and fear. But I thought it was a good idea so, like all my best and worst decisions in life- ultimately I just thought: 'Fuck it!' 

"Low Expectations: The Unpublishable Material" will use the most extreme 10% of the book, cut for being too full-on and adapt it into an absurdist 45 minute stand-up routine. It will also include some of my illustrations and a screening of the Low Expectations short at the end!

I'll be performing from July 31st until August 17th at Spotlites @ The Merchant's Hall Zone Theatre. Tickets are on sale now, would love to see you there! 

Low Expectations: The Unpublishable Material TICKETS