Hello, Kickstarter...

I am a very lucky bunny to have two talented sisters, both at the point of graduating from film school! Huzzah. We all have business cards now; our dad finally considers us to be real people. We decided to strike while the iron is hot and create a Low Expectations Short film. Through talented friends and contacts, we have got a 12-strong crew together who are super generously collaborating with us. Look out for LE Short launch in May! 

I've taken my favourite sections of the book, reworked them and divided them into 4 chapters so you can get LE taste before it comes out July 17th. Fyodor Golan are very kindly lending us costumes from their stunning AW14 collection 'Crocodile'. The balls-out creativity of the London fashion scene will be contrasted with the graffiti and grime of Dalston and Elephant & Castle. We are also commissioning a Low Expectations neon light by LoVeNeoN for the opening scene and end credits. LE Short will be art directed to make each moment as visually arresting as possible! 

Of course, visually arresting moments don't grow on trees. Nor do vans, or equipment. And we need to feed the crew and our 4 beautiful actors, lest they waste away and receive an Academy Award, never to work for cheap again. For LE Short to be truly amazing, we need you! Yes, you, fair internauter! Will you invest in our quest? Check out our Kickstarter video for more details and lovely prizes!

A special thanks to Leila Reinelt, for directing and editing this video and to our lead actors, Sophia Carr-Gomm playing 'Georgie' and Oliver Elliot playing 'Man With Ridiculous Hair'! 

All my love (with bells on),