EDINBURGH: JULY 31st - AUGUST 17th 2014  


Photography: Lisa Carletta Hair and Makeup: Alice Howlett Retouching: Stefano Broli

Roll up, Roll up!

So excited (/petrified) to be performing a one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer! OMFG. I've been dreaming about going since I was in my teens. I would nerdishly read the listings every year, but somehow my natural laziness always won and I never managed to make it up. Now it is finally happening! 

And I will probably spend the entire time shitting my pants.

In 'Low Expectations: The Unpublishable Material', I am combining the most extreme 10% of the novel, cut for being too full-on, with some new material in an absurdist 45 minute stand-up set. 'The Unpublishable Material' will cover, among other things: feminism, love, drugs and alcohol, ‘Fuckzilla’, the plight of the panda (and of the alcoholic slut). I'll be projecting some of my more twisted doodles on a screen to illustrate it, but other than that it'll be just me and a microphone! 

I'll be performing from July 31st until August 17th at 9.35pm Spotlites @ The Merchant's Hall Zone Theatre. Tickets are on sale now- you can buy them from Spotlites or EdFringe. Would love to see you there!