GIRLS meets The Devil Wears Prada in DALSTON.

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Low Expectations is an illustrated love story that is primarily about surviving apocalyptic hangovers and hideous social gaffes- with a little help from your friends (and a hair of the dog). We are introduced to the world through Georgie’s eyes- a fresh, funny, downright filthy 24-year-old womenswear student, as lost as she is persistent. 

Cover by  Natasha Law,  chapter illustrations by Elizabeth Aaron

Cover by Natasha Law, chapter illustrations by Elizabeth Aaron

Set in the ridiculous/fashionable enclave of East London, Georgie humorously eviscerates media stereotypes of young womanhood. She staggers through painful setbacks in work and in love rather like the Black Knight from Monty Python And The Holy Grail. ‘I’ve had worse!’, she cries as she lurches forward, a glib amputee. ‘Have at you!’ Her philosophy, like Churchill, is to Keep Buggering On- no matter how poor her decision-making process may have been.  

Low Expectations is a voice-led, comedy-driven novel that touches on topics such as mortality, divorce, sexual assault and addiction in the way that most of us actually experience them- with inappropriate laughter, absurd perspectives and the lightheartedness of the painful mundane.

I'm excited to announce that Low Expectations will also be published in the not-so-distant future in Germany with Bastei Lübbe! So curious to see the new covers and translations.

A video in which I talk about Low Expectations, my illustrations, comedy and my one-woman show at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival, directed and edited by Leila Reinelt.

Download a free Kindle 'Low Expectations Prequel' ebook HERE.


Sophia Carr-Gomm as 'Georgie'

Sophia Carr-Gomm as 'Georgie'


Amazon delivers within the UK, EU and British Commonwealth. Low Expectations is also on Kindle and will be available as an audiobook in July!


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Telescope, Little Paris Guide

It is Don Quixote passed out in heels, with Sancho guiltily feeling up under his skirts. 


This debut from a fashion design graduate-turned-novelist covers familiar territory- hapless, hedonistic twentysomething learning to be a grown-up, with wine-based disasters along the way- but it’s lifted by Aaron’s spiky, acerbic writing. Heroine Georgie’s dating disasters are a highlight.
— Glamour Magazine, Best Reads
Best for those looking for new horizons, Low Expectations is a quarter-life crisis tale with a couture twist. Georgie works in fashion but has no life outside work- a scenario that increasingly more of us will be able to relate to. Her friends are fun, if shallow; there’s no prospect of romance on the horizon and she’s not even sure her boss knows her name. But before she can go out in search of a new life, she needs to crack that age-old problem: what exactly does she want?
— Grazia, Best Summer Reads 2014
Just read Low Expectations by Elizabeth Aaron, couldn’t put it down! Beautifully written and bloody hilarious at times.
— Laura Whitmore, MTV presenter
Smart, spiky, hilarious, wise and so very quotable. Excellent holiday company. Bravo!
— Emma Jane Unsworth, author of 'Animals' and 'Hungry, The Stars and Everything'
Anyone looking for a funny holiday read, I recommend Low Expectations, which made me properly snort. ...I loved it, really funny. Wish I’d known about it when I wrote about new literary bad girls for the Guardian earlier this year.
— Sarah Hughes, Guardian columnist
Sound good? Well, it was. I could not put it down. It’s laugh out loud funny, a little bit grubby in the best possible way, and just feels very real. All the chapters have headings like ‘The Deformed Lovechild of Kurosawa’s Subconscious’ and ‘Hamster Mouth More Lethal Than Listerine’, accompanied by Aaron’s own illustrations, which I adored.
— Louise O'Neill, author of 'Only Ever Yours'
Summer 2014 Books: The Top Ten Chick Lits You Have To Buy
— Closer Magazine
Low Expectations is an enjoyable, funny debut. Aaron has a way with deadpan asides and cutting descriptions: one character’s nose ‘leers menacingly out of her forehead , casting its malevolent shadow over her other more attractive characteristics, like a tiny Voldemort’
— The Workshy Fop
Aaron’s reading was something else though. Hilarious from start to finish, she chose an extract from my favourite chapter, about picking up an extraordinary amount of cocaine from her ‘friendly neighbourhood dealer man’ in preparation for what might possibly be the messiest New Year’s Eve East London has ever seen. No doubt the audience were surprised to see this beautiful blonde woman explain, with incredible comic timing, just what it is about the terribly obvious, cash -substance exchange that has otherwise intelligent women suddenly having extremely dirty thoughts about their dealer’s gold teeth. She won everyone over.
— Sonny Marr
As a debut novel, I am really excited to follow Elizabeth Aaron’s career - you know you have found a great author when you read something that makes you want to be the writers friend, which is exactly how I feel here. Until we meet and become bff’s, this book is the next big thing - roll on novel number two!
— Jenessa Williams
This book reminds us of how much fun failures and fuck ups can be, and the life lessons we learn from those experiences. In short, how they make us who we are. If you are looking for a book that can be described as easy reading but yet is not trashy, a book for sassy girls that isn’t chick lit, which talks about sex without being either sexual or crass, and is funny but god forbid not billed as a comedy Low Expectations may just be it.
— Francesca Baker
Georgie had so much flesh as someone who couldn’t be fictitious. I’m not sure, but I felt I was reading the exact life of Elizabeth Aaron, like a memoir of sorts... having this connection with the main character as you would someone in real life is just super. From her lengthy thoughts on relationships, sex, and men, you get the feeling you are not reading just a book, but reading a real-life story penned in a book.
— ChickLit Pad
Loosely plotted around the final year of university student Georgie’s fashion degree, we join her as she marauds around east London with her two best friends Rose and Sarah... Low Expectations is full of observational comedy and cameos from some familiar locations and is cutely illustrated by Aaron who has a background in fashion design.
— PAMFLET x TWIN Summer Reads
This debut novel is definitely one to watch: it’s been tipped as “GIRLS meets The Devil Wears Prada in Dalston” and with approval from those in the fashion industry, it’s on the top of everyone’s reading list so pick up a copy today!
— Eclectic Society, Jessica Cooper
Fed up with 18 months of celibacy and stuck in a quarter-life crisis, Georgie is determined that her life will change. Armed with just a sense of humour, her black eyeliner and her best attempts at charm, she’s determined to sort herself out- but how long will it take?
— Inside Soap, Seven Recommendations
This has been dubbed the Bridget Jones for the Girls generation and perfect if you’re a fan of The Devil Wears Prada
— Woman's Way, Three To Read
...It reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada! Fashion, drama and love, what’s not to love? I think it’s going to be a fabulous read! Can’t wait!
— I Heart ChickLit
This Weeks Best Book Releases: I get a feeling that Elizabeth Aaron is definitely one to watch...
— Bookaholic Confessions
Fabulous! You are a true talent! At times a bit of a trashy true talent, but hey, it’s funny as hell
— My dad

Arthur, King Of The Britons vs. The Black Knight 


Author Q&A: Where I talk about the process of writing Low Expectations, the Book Trailer, stand up comedy and the Fringe! Watch it HERE.

Low Expectations Book Trailer: Featuring the very talented Sophia Carr-Gomm as 'Georgie'! Directed by Anna Reinelt and edited by Leila Reinelt. The costumes have been kindly lent by Fyodor Golan from their AW14 collection 'Crocodile' and LoVeNeoN did an amazing job with our 'Low Expectations' sign. Watch it HERE.

A big thank you to all the wonderful Kickstarter pledgers who made the Low Expectations short possible!